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Transpersonal Counseling
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Transpersonal Counseling
Joelle McGonagle C.Ht.

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About My Work.

As a holistic, new age, transpersonal counselor and hypnotherapist, my work is about helping you to find your own path to healing, health, greater spiritual awareness, and inner wisdom. As eternal beings, we are the sum total of all that we have ever experienced. Our unconscious memories of our past can create energetic imprints that affect our ability to function today. That is why regressing to a past life, prenatal, or non-physical experience can pave the way for dynamic healing.

download movies onlineBy helping you utilize the altered state that hypnotherapy brings, you connect to the deeper, wiser, eternal, all knowing part of yourself, We can then deal with, and heal, an infinite variety of issues, including stress, chronic issues, many health problems, phobias, troubling habits, and difficult relationships. A wide variety of other concerns and goals, including, but not limited to, low self-esteem, performance enhancement, goal setting, and finding your true path, can also be addressed in this way, knowing that our own inner wisdom is the place to begin. Regression therapy also finds the causative experiences quickly and easily, and helps you release the energy that is holding you back from finding more happiness and satisfaction in life.

What is Regression Therapy?

Regression therapy is a dynamic healing modality that can help many people to achieve greater inner peace, self-realization, spiritual illumination, happiness, and understanding. It is based on the understanding that we all carry with us the memory of our past incarnations as energy or energetic imprints. These energetic imprints exist in our subconscious mind, our physical body, as well as our mental, emotional, and other non-physical bodies. The memory of everything that we have ever experienced or perceived is there, and is accessible to us through our sub-conscious mind. This includes our childhood, our birth and pre-natal experience, our past lives, and our non-physical experiences between lives. These unconscious memories create and contribute to an amazing variety of the issues and emotional baggage in our lives today. Our talents, fears, many of our tastes and attitudes, and our relationship issues, are just a few of the results of these imprints.
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With my help, you can explore any or all of these memories while in a gently altered state. These memories are explored through emotional channels rather than through a strictly mental process, to provide you with an opportunity to work through these traumas by releasing the energy they contain, and to unravel any distortions from the past, as well. I do not try to tell you where the problem is, knowing that your own inner wisdom knows all of these answers far better than anyone else.

Regression therapy can help you to find the clarity and solutions you need for many of the difficult and chronic issues in your life quickly and easily, and help you release the energy that is holding you back from finding more happiness and satisfaction in your life. Not at all like conventional therapy, I think of it as soul work. Our goals are healing on all levels - mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

Whether seen as real, or simply as metaphors for our current life patterns, regression therapy can help most of us to achieve greater inner peace, fulfillment of our potential, spiritual illumination, happiness, understanding, and self-realization.

To talk to Joelle, schedule a private session in Portland or the Columbia River Gorge, or to schedule a workshop in your area, Joelle may be reached at

(509) 427 - 3619, (800) 993 - 9631
or at:

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